Christ and Christians

A belief in Christ is imperative if you are to be a Christian and to enter Heaven at the end of your days. Many believe in God but not in Christ, and some who believe in Christ believe that he did exist but of his importance they know nothing. A religion without Christ and without the belief that he died for us and conquered Lucifer does not deserve the term religion, unless the word religion only means a group of people with a common belief and a name to distinguish them by.

The fact that Christ lived among men for a time makes it difficult for people to believe that he was and is that near to us. To some, anyone to be recognized as a redeemer must be someone who is not as accessible to man; he must be so far removed that they can honor him more easily, someone they do not know. Man has a way of thinking that the further removed from us others are, the more important they are. Even in the time of Jesus, the people of his own town did not believe in him because they knew him and therefore the mystery of the unknown was not there that they could think him important. But the truth is that we were once in heaven and knew Christ and that he was important to us then. Now that we are on earth, we do not recognize him any longer when he visits us here. On earth our minds have become clouded and we have forgotten all that happened before our fall, but Christ was there with us then, and is still our leader here, if we but open our hearts and minds to the correct belief.


God Born of Man?

    When the Jews were looking for a reason to put Jesus to death, they claimed that he was making himself equal to God, which was really a very lame excuse because when asked, Jesus said that he was the son of God and never did he claim to be God or be God’s equal.

    The churches of today think they know better than the Jews of that day, but they are just as guilty as those who used that reason to crucify him.  Were Jesus here today under similar circumstances, most would expect him to act as if he were God and probably would crucify him again.

    It is a disservice to the congregations of the churches to teach that Jesus is God.  God born of Man? How ridiculous, to have Jesus born of man is an awesome thought, but God? That the one who always was and always will be could become  human is like ants claiming that God could ever be one of them."  People have no conception of God, and bringing Him down to the level of man makes it impossible to ever understand the nature of God.