Often times, inquisitive persons recognize the problems of religion and realize that what is taught by religious teachers is never fully explained (maybe because it is never fully understood by the religious teachers who justify this under the guise of "Mystery").  The short essay below is especially meant for those Christians who have felt "bamboozled" by modern Christianity and want something more substantive and informative.  


The Problems of Religion 
     Christian religions are all based on the Bible, yet most religious leaders do not understand it, and so they parse every sentence by placing their own interpretation on it or sometimes inventing a new meaning that was never intended by the writer.
     The main theme seems to be that we are saved by the blood of Jesus but no one asks how this is.  No one seems to know anything about Jesus descending into the lower realms of hell after his death on the cross and the battle that ensued there and how Jesus was victorious over Lucifer; the result being that Lucifer had now to live under a new rule: the rule being that he could no longer keep the unwilling as captives.
        There is never anything taught regarding the holy spirits which were to be sent to teach the people.  In fact, everyone is discouraged from communicating with the holy spirits, apparently only the apostles and disciples, living in the time of Christ, were given that opportunity as if we didn’t need that anymore.
        We are also forever reminded that we are sinners, but the Church blames the fall on Adam and Eve with no mention of our fall from heaven for siding with Lucifer against Christ our ruler.
        No teacher of religion ever teaches anything beyond the Bible and so the people are confined to only the information in one book. Many books have been written since the Bible, perhaps a search would find books on the subject of life after death etc. It is like repeating the same grade in school and never progressing to the next one.
        Because religious teachings make no sense anymore, many are worshipping their belongings. But the time is coming when the people will again communicate with the spirit world and progress to the next so-called grade, and eventually we will again hear the spirits of God speaking to us by direct voice as they did in the days of Moses. As it is now, when people leave this earth, they are graduating from the school of life with no knowledge of how to survive in the world of spirits. We would think it a crime to send our children into the world to survive after graduating from school with only a fifth grade education. Our spiritual life is much more important than our worldly life, but it is being treated much more lightly.